The founders of CarryGo have over 15 years combined experience within the logistics industry. With an international team of experts, our goal is to take the stress out of moving. We are using up to date technology to transform the delivery industry.

Our mission is to connect customers and professional transport service providers on a transparent platform.

With our advanced real time messaging system and a wide reaching network, we aim to save customers money and time. We believe we can offer better options to those who want to move bulky items, an entire house or just a parcel.

We offer the benefits of an all-in-one online marketplace.


WHY USE US - (Customers)


Looking for a reliable company to transport your goods or move your items from one place to another can be difficult. Calling companies or going out to find them can take tremendous time and effort. Here on CarryGo we bring together transport providers to your fingertips. This allows you to shop for the best rates from the comfort of your space, be it your home, office, shop or even while on the go. Our app enables you to access several transport provides from wherever you are.


As several transport providers bid for your job, you can see all the prices being offered. You have the ability to send messages to all transport providers that bid for your job. This allows you to compare prices and make your choice.


On CarryGo you get free quotes sent to you. You can check the profiles of transporters sending the quotes and read feedback from previous customers. All this is free with no obligation to use.


We provide secure online payment, making it safe and easy to pay for the service provided. You don't ever have to share your card or bank account details with transport providers, even if you use several in a short time. We also hold your money while the service is carried out. Funds are then released once you confirm safe delivery of your item(s).