Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of Terms

  • The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:
  • Business transaction means event involving an interchange of goods, money or services between two or more parties.
  • Content Criteria means our content criteria as set out in Clause 7
  • Contributions means information shared on the platform.
  • Customer is an individual or business that purchases another company's goods or services.
  • Governing Guidelines means general rule and principle.
  • Intellectual Property Rights means all rights conferred by statute, common law or subsisting anywhere in the world in relation to copyrights, trademarks, designs, confidential or other similar right from a third party.
  • Registered User means a Registered User authorised to access and use the Platform under Clause 23
  • Service Fee (Deposit) means the fee payable to us or any Registered User’s continued access and use of the Platform under the provision of Clause 34.1
  • Third Party Provider means third parties
  • Transaction means any service relationship
  • Terms means the terms set out in Part One (General User Provisions) and Part Two (Registered User Provisions)
  • Terms of Use means agreement that a user must agree to and abide by in order to use the website and services.
  • User means any user of the website and services.

2. Who We Are

  • www.Carrygo.co is a site operated by CarryGo Moving & Services Limited. A company incorporated and registered (RC No. 1466099) in Nigeria with its Head Office situated at 12B Gold Crescent, Jakande Housing Estate, Oke-Afa Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • We operate as an introductory transport service offering effective and efficient transport services to interested network independent third-party users for an administrative fee or charge.
  • Our approach to service has led to reduction of red-tapes associated with delivery transport service industry.

3. Scope of Services

  • CarryGo will provide you a non-exclusive right to access and use our Platform in accordance with this Agreement.
  • We run an online trading spot where Users who request facilitated delivery and transportation of goods (such as cars, furniture, animals, parcels, bulky items, commercial freights or anything transportable or transferable) are swiftly connected to transport service providers.
  • For purposes of this Agreement, our role is to provide a platform where customers (Buyers) and transport service providers (Suppliers) connect and engage each other to facilitate the ease of doing or transacting business.
  • You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Platform service may be relaunched, rebranded, revised or redesigned from time to time in the near term.
  • The use of the Platform by you expressly and implicitly infers your or any Registered User consents to abide by our acceptable Governing Guidelines.

4. Accessing Our Platform

  • CarryGo Platform is operational via the CarryGo Application on mobile phones, Andriod, IOS and the internet and we take no responsibility or liability for any failure or loss you may suffer from third party software and hardware providers that also interact on your device and our Platform rely on for information.
  • All Users are responsible for acquiring compatible devices to access and use the CarryGo Platform.
  • You are accountable for any data charges you incur as a result of using our Platform, including but not limited to calls, SMS and data roaming.
  • CarryGo hereby reserves the right, periodically and at any time and in our discretion deny Users wholly or in part access to our site without any notice and we shall not be responsible or liable in any way, manner, shape or form.
  • The use of the Platform by you expressly and implicitly infers your or any Registered User consents to abide by our acceptable Governing Guidelines.

5. Upgrades

  • You acknowledge that this area of technology is in constant evolution and the CarryGo Platform is likely to upgrade multiple times each year in the near term likely experiencing disruption of service transmission or minor glitches in disseminating information.
  • You consent to us mandatory upgrading the CarryGo App software on your phone or electronic transmitting devises at our sole discretion.
  • You are required to update your compatible device(s) to access and use our Platform if we do not perform the mandatory upgrade.

6. Restriction

  • CarryGo reserves the right, periodically and at any time, and in our discretion restrict wholly and or in part access to visitors and registered users to our site without any prior notice and we shall not be responsible or liable in any way, manner, shape or form.

7. Content Criteria

  • CarryGo hereby stipulates that the operational service guidelines set out hereunder apply to any and all disseminated information contributed to our site (Contributions) by third party contributors and to any interactive services associated with it.
  • As we do not control Contributions created, you are strongly advised to ensure that the Contributions created must be accurate wherein they state facts and or be reasonably held to be legitimate where they state opinions.
  • Contributions uploaded must be compliant with relevant law and regulations in Nigeria and in any country from which they are posted.
  • Specifically, it must be devoid of material or information that seeks to promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientation or sexual preference.
  • Infringe on any copyright, database right or trademark of any individual
  • You are hereby expressly and impliedly required by conduct not to deceive, misrepresent or impersonate any individual or groups of people.
  • Not contravene or be made in breach of any legal or contractual obligation or a duty of care and confidence owed to a third party.
  • Promote any illegal activity that is likely to harass, upset, embarrass alarm or cause great discomfort to any other individual or persons.
  • Be employed to impersonate any person, or to misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person

8. Modifications

  • We hereby reserve the right to modify, decline, discontinue or delete any information at any time from any portion of the CarryGo Platform Services with or without notice to you.
  • You hereby acknowledge and agree that CarryGo Platform shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, discontinuation or termination of the CarryGo Platform.
  • If you object to any such modifications, your sole recourse shall be to conclude all use of the CarryGo Platform.
  • However, your continued use of our Platform constitutes your consent to be bound by this Agreement as modified from time to time.

9. Suspension of Service

  • CarryGo reserve the right to determine whether there has been a breach of these Terms through your use of our site.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, CarryGo reserves the right to suspend your access to our services in whole or in part if we have reasonable cause to believe that there has been any breach of terms through your use of our site. CarryGo shall notify the erring user in writing that such imposed suspension shall last for no more that 30 (Thirty) work days or even for an extended period as may be required.
  • If we further determine that the breach was intentional and contains the particulars, CarryGo shall disclose such information to law enforcement authorities and agencies as we reasonably consider necessary.
  • We absolve and bear no legal responsibility for actions taken in response to breaches of these Terms. CarryGo reserve the right to determine whether there has been a breach of these Terms through your use of our site.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, CarryGo reserves the right to suspend your access to our services in whole or in part if we have reasonable cause to believe that there has been any breach of terms through your use of our site. CarryGo shall notify the erring user in writing that such imposed suspension shall last for no more that 30 (Thirty) work days or even for an extended period as may be required.
  • If we further determine that the breach was intentional and contains the particulars, CarryGo shall disclose such information to law enforcement authorities and agencies as we reasonably consider necessary.
  • We absolve and bear no legal responsibility for actions taken in response to breaches of these Terms.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

  • CarryGo is the exclusive owner and holder of all intellectual property rights the site, and in the material or information published on it. These works are protected by copyrights laws. All such rights are reserved.
  • No right, title, interest in Intellectual Property Rights regarding the CarryGo Platform can be obtained by you.
  • Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of material on our site must always be acknowledged.
  • You are permitted to print off only one copy, and may download extracts, of any page(s) from our site for your personal reference and or may draw attention of others to the material or information posted on our site.
  • 10.5 You are not permitted to use any part of the materials on our website for commercial purposes without obtaining the right to do so from us or other third-party contributors.

11. Reliance on Information

  • In no event is commentary and materials or information posted on our site intended to constitute an advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such resources by any visitor to our site, or anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

12. Our Liability

  • The material displayed on our site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Any responsibility for any claim, damages, theft or loss lies between the buyer and supplier as the subjects of the Agreement. CarryGo do not have jurisdiction to enforce any compensation or filing of a claim by a supplier.
  • 12.2 To the maximum extent permitted by law we hereby expressly exclude:
    • All conditions, warranties and other terms which may otherwise be implied by any law;
    • Any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or theft incurred by any user in connection with our site or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of our site.
    • Any websites linked to it, and any material or information posted on it; including, without limitation any liability for loss of income or revenue, loss of estimated and anticipated profit, loss of business, loss of profits of contracts, loss of estimated or anticipated income, loss of data and loss of goodwill or any other loss or damage of any kind, however arising and whether caused by negligent and or intentional breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable, provided that this condition shall not prevent claims for loss damage or theft to your tangible property or any other clams for direct financial loss that are not excluded by any of the categories set out above. We absolve liability for the accuracy of submitted addresses or location information. Be aware that location or mapping information is provided for guidance only. It is based only on submitted addresses, so it cannot be an exact indicator of the location of a property. This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, or our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter, or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

13. Data Privacy Policy

  • By entering this Agreement, you hereby explicitly consent and authorise CarryGo to collect, use, store, transfer, retain and disclose your personal information (name, home address, mobile phone number, email address, local government area, nationality and location) to third parties for the sole purpose of providing you effective and efficient service.
  • Any obligations placed on us by law enforcement authorities or agencies to provide any Registered User personal information owing to alleged criminal activity, such obligations will be undertaken by CarryGo in accordance with applicable laws, regulations or by an Order of the Court
  • If a difference of opinion arises between us and the Registered Users regarding our handling of your profile, we will do our best to resolve it without any responsibility attached to such action.
  • It is hereby expressly understood that your personal information is collected in accordance and compliance with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019.

14. Termination of Service

  • CarryGo reserves the right to terminate in whole or in part your access to the CarryGo service at any time with or without notice or with or without cause immediately.
  • We may terminate and withhold at our sole and absolute discretion any job-related payments, if at any time we reasonably believe that your non- compliance of any of the stipulated Terms of Use and Conditions was determined as a violation of your obligations.
  • Furthermore, a termination of the business transaction by either party may occur if the Delivery Transport Service Provider fails to provide the service or the mutually agreed service levels expected of a reasonable service provider.
  • If we have reasonable grounds to believe that your one-off breach of any obligations constitutes a severe breach under the CarryGo User Policy, such action will result in an outright termination of business transaction. This shall not limit our right to take any further action against you that we consider appropriate in defence of our rights.
  • CarryGo reserves the right to refuse service to any registered user for any reason at any time.

15. Disclaimer


16. Release & Indemnification

  • If you have a dispute with one or more Users, you hereby agree to release CarryGo and hold CarryGo harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses including Court processes fees, resulting from your use of CarryGo Platform, demands and damages of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way related to such disputes.

17. Connections from CarryGo

  • CarryGo may contain connections to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these connections are made available solely for information purposes only. We consequently have no control over the content of those sites or resources, and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

18. Connecting to CarryGo

  • You may connect to our homepage, on the condition that you do so in a way, manner or form that is reasonable, acceptable and legal doing no damage to our reputation or taking advantage of it, however you must not establish a connection in order to misrepresent facts or suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on behalf of us where none exists.
  • You are strictly prohibited from creating connection from any website that is not owned by you.
  • CarryGo must not be framed on any other site, nor may you create a connection to any part of our site other than the homepage. We reserve the right to withdraw connection clearance without notice. The website which you intend to connect with must comply in all respects with our Content Criteria.
  • Notwithstanding, if you are uncertain about whether the information you intend to upload on our site is fit for purpose as set out above, please email your enquiry to info@carrygo.co

19. Severability

  • If any provisions contained in this Agreement, or any part thereof, is for any reason held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by any Court of competent jurisdiction, consequently, such unenforceability shall not in any way invalidate or render the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions set forth.

20. Waiver

  • Any failure on the part of a party (beneficiary) to enforce any right or remedy under this Agreement shall not operate or be construed as a waiver of any such right thereof by the other party.
  • Neither shall any delay on the part of a party to administer any right of this Agreement nor shall any total or partial exercise of such right be regarded as a waiver.
  • Furthermore, any fundamental breach of compliance with the performance or obligation of any such right herein will not be considered a waiver by both parties. Thus, parties’ rights under this Agreement remain valid and in full force.
  • A minor error caused by any party of this Agreement shall not be understood as a waiver of any other or such subsequent errors or breaches.
  • In contrast, CarryGo may facilitate the waiver of any right hereof on the recommendation of any party but effective only by an instrument in writing and signed by the party affirming to have consented to such waiver.

21. Third Parties Services

  • Nothing herein shall create or be construed in any way or for any purpose constitute any joint venture, partnership, agency, franchise, fiduciary and or employer-employee relationship between ourselves and any Registered User whatsoever, whether oral or in writing or both.
  • Registered Users shall not hold themselves out as expressing and or implying any such relationship with us.
  • As indicated above we act in a limited booking and payment introductory capacity (limited agency) for Users as described in this Agreement and only provide the CarryGo Platform for booking and payment processing services to the Users.

22. CarryGo Customer Care

  • If you have concerns about how CarryGo is handling your services, please promptly let us know without delay. We want to help; you may contact us via email to info@carrygo.co. You may further inform us, if you have valid concerns about information or products that appear on CarryGo Platform that you may wish to draw our attention to it.
  • For administrative efficiency, CarryGo reserves the right to refuse service to any registered user for any reason considered frivolous and unjust at any time.

Governing Guidelines
23. Account Sign Up

  • A CarryGo account must be created by you, granting you access as a Registered User to our online service Platform to book and pay for transport services offered by other Registered Users.
  • You are hereby expressly required to provide you real name, mobile phone number and a valid email address in order to complete this free signup process.
  • You must hereby complete your Profile upon registering for the Platform and or at such other times as we may require from time to time.
  • Any Further information may not be required, unless you are accepting these terms of on behalf of a company (incorporated or unincorporated). If rightly, additional sign up information about the company shall be required.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you may wish to opt for a paid account, however, opting for a paid account, will require submitting supplementary information for billing purposes.
  • We hereby reserve the right to reject your signup accessibility on or before completion on reasonable grounds with or without recourse to you.

24. Account Sign Up Terms

  • You must be a human to create an account. Accounts registered by “bots” or automated methods are not permitted by us. We do not allow machine accounts.
  • This site is not for use by any minors, Users MUST be 18 years of age or show evidence of parental or guardian’s consent to these terms and has power to enter a binding contract with us and not prohibited from doing so under applicable laws and regulations.
  • If we learn of any User under the age of majority and without parental or guardian’s consent, the account will be deactivated on the spot in accordance with our User Policy.
  • Your login may only be used by you and must not be shared by multiple individuals. For the avoidance of doubt, the use of an individual account and a corporate CarryGo account by the same User is not construed as multiple accounts in violation of the sign terms. Nevertheless, a corporate account may create separate group logins for as many users as its subscriptions permits.
  • You warranty that any account sign-up information that you submit to CarryGo is true, accurate and complete.
  • You hereby consent to promptly update or correct your details or information in your User account in the event of any changes.
  • You are hereby forbidden from gaining unauthorised access to harm any aspect of the CarryGo Platform or its related systems or affiliates.
  • Upon violation of any of the Account Sign up Terms, CarryGo expressly reserves the sole and absolute right to an on the spot or temporarily or permanently deactivate the erring User account.

25. Account Cancellation

  • It is your responsibility to properly cancel your account with CarryGo. You can cancel at any time by sending an email to info@carrygo.co requesting cancellation of your account.
  • Upon cancellation, we will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce agreements (holding us harmless), but barring legal requirements, we will delete your full profile and the Content of your Service within 30 (Thirty) work days of cancellation or termination (though some information may remain in encrypted backups). This information cannot be recovered once your account is cancelled.
  • We may not delete Content that you have contributed to other Users' projects or that other Users have left on the platform.
  • Upon request, we will make a reasonable effort to provide an account owner with a copy of your lawful, non-infringing account contents after account cancellation or termination. You must however, make this request within 30 (Thirty) days of cancellation or termination.

26. CarryGo Status

  • We do not provide any independent transport services whatsoever. Our responsibility as reiterated above is to offer a platform where potential buyers of transport services (Buyers) and businesses which provide transport services (Suppliers) can locate and connect each other to transact business.
  • CarryGo, categorically do not endorse the Buyer of transport service neither do we endorse the transport service Supplier.
  • It is the role of parties to select each other on the basis of the services required and the engagement terms and rates offered by each of the parties.
  • Additionally, we do not carry out vetting of any of the Registered Users and therefore do not provide any assurances as to the ability of a party to perform its engagement obligations.
  • Parties are obliged to review any terms and conditions applying to the business transaction.
  • Consequences, of the engagement made between Buyer and the Supplier, resulting in a business transaction is between those parties, and is subject to the terms and conditions of that Supplier or additional terms as agreed upon between the parties.

27. Our Site Operations

  • Buyers are obligated to post their requirements for delivery transport services (Buyer Listing) on the CarryGo Platfom where Suppliers (Delivery Transport Providers) will be able to offer their services on their own terms in response to any Buyer Listing (Bid).
  • Bids become legally binding agreements, on their full original terms, once Confirmation and Acceptance Offer has been concluded by the Buyer and the Supplier.
  • Buyer Listings and Bids jointly known as Submissions may be moderated by us. It will be at our discretion to determine whether a submission falls within our Content Criteria
  • We cannot guarantee how quickly Submissions will be posted on the site.
  • We are under no obligation to you or any other person to oversee, monitor or moderate our site or any other service we provide on the site.
  • We hereby reserve the right to remove, or disable access to, any submission which breaches the Content Criteria.

28. Submissions

  • A Submission may not relate to the transport of any goods whose transport is banned by law.
  • Submissions that relate to the transport of hazardous goods or other goods, including animals, whose transport is restricted by law may only be made if those goods are packaged correctly, and the Submissions states clearly
  • The nature of the goods to be transported; and
  • The details of the transport means required to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Please note that full responsibility for compliance with any laws and regulations in relation to the transport of any hazardous or restricted goods lies solely with the parties to that agreement. Parties transporting goods in breach of any such laws or regulations may be subject regulatory and/or criminal penalties.

29. Non-Solicitation

  • 29.1 Registered Users are not permitted under any circumstances to include contact information for the purpose of soliciting and engaging in trades or dealings outside the site, failure to comply will result in on the spot termination.

30. Rules for Suppliers

  • As a Supplier you are hereby obligated to perform the required Transport Services as transacted with the Buyer on the CarryGo Platform.
  • You warranty to respect the contract entered with a Buyer to provide the services for which payment was accepted including all taxes, such as VAT, and fees payable by the Buyer for the transport services in any Bid, excluding any import or export duty payable on the goods transported.
  • You are hereby strictly prohibited from bidding against your own bid and or ask third parties to do so
  • You must have a valid Drivers’ License in your possession and have authority to provide transportation to Users in the Class you have chosen and all other destinations signed-up by you on the CarryGo Platform.
  • Your vehicle is expected to be in good working condition and must satisfy the industry safety standards for a vehicle of its kind
  • You are strongly advised not to engage in reckless and dangerous driving and must conduct yourself accordingly by obeying all traffic signs, rules and regulations.
  • In addition, operating an automobile vehicle while impaired by alcohol and or drugs is strictly warned against.
  • You are hereby prohibited from allowing any unauthorised third-party accompany you in the vehicle while providing Transport Services.

31. Rules for Buyers

  • Buyer hereby creates a legal relationship with the Supplier when an acceptance is concluded.
  • Submit their own bids to decrease Bids made by Suppliers. Users bidding for the provision of services must be wholly independent from the Buyer of those services.
  • Neither Buyers nor Suppliers may interfere with a transaction or offer to buy or supply transport in response to a Buyer’s listing outside of the Site.
  • We strongly advise Buyers to avoid sharing any personal contact details, specific locations and bank details via our messaging service on CarryGo. Sensitive information once job sheets have been exchanged the two parties.

32. Payment Process

  • Buyer must have a payment method provided to CarryGo for the administrative charge and accepted by us.
  • CarryGo must verify the Buyer’s payment method before business can be transacted.
  • All payment obligations should relate to all or any transaction that has been booked, allocated and tracked through the CarryGo App.
  • All charges are due immediately and payment will be facilitated by CarryGo using the preferred payment method (CarryGo App, Credit Card or other electronic transfer.
  • Buyer’s (Registered User) payment method shall be updated to reflect the current payment method.

33. CarryGo Pricing & Charges

  • Appendix I to this Agreement shall be integral to this Agreement and shall have the same force and effect with this Agreement.
  • CarryGo Pricing List (See Appendix attached to the Agreement)
  • CarryGo fees and additional charges may be reviewed from time to reflect the changes to the Transport Service.

34. Service Fees

  • CarryGo Platform is free for all Users. However, a Buyer is charged a service fee (Deposit) upon the acceptance of the bid. The Deposit amount billed is deducted from the total value of the bid displayed to the Buyer upon a Confirmation of Acceptance Order.
  • The deposit is a percentage of the transportation costs agreed between the two parties or a minimum fee, whichever is greater dependent upon external determinants.
  • The unpaid balance due is to be paid by the Buyer directly to the Supplier in accordance with the engagement terms and in a manner as agreed by the both parties, thus reaffirming our limited role in the arrangement.
  • We reserve the discretion to waive our right to receive a Deposit in certain circumstances, but any such action is without legal liability or responsibility.
  • CarryGo Service fee may potentially incur additional charges during the discharge of the service, such as
    • If, applicable a tip amount as nominated by a Buyer on the CarryGo App
    • If applicable, any agreed charges between Transport Service Providers
    • Tolling, short and extended wait times, fines, penalties and unexpected expenses.

35. Limitation of Liability

  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, our total liability for any loss or damage, negligence (gross, reckless or wilful), any personal property (lost or left items) that you suffer or incur from using the CarryGo Platform is strictly limited to refunding the CarryGo Service Deposit or Fee paid subject to compliance with our terms of use and service.
  • Our liability is limited whether or not we have been informed of the probability of such damage, and even if a remedy set forth in this Agreement is found to have failed to essentially cure the defect.
  • We will have no liability for any failure or delay due to unforeseen circumstances or matters beyond our reasonable control.

36. Insurance

  • All Transport Service Providers or Suppliers are advised to be in possession of relevant insurance documents, allowing them to operate legally within their area or locations and carrying the goods quoted for.
  • Under no legal obligation to vet insurance coverage, we may reserve the right to without warning, verify with the insurance companies if the operators still possess valid insurance policies and licenses.
  • If rightly, your insurance coverage must be consistent with your vehicle particulars you employ to provide Transport Services. Non-compliance is construed as a material breach and may result in on the spot termination.

37. Buyers Obligations

  • Buyers must always use the CarryGo booking App at all times to transact business, bypassing to deal directly with Suppliers after initial contact is not allowed.
  • Submit their own bids to decrease Bids made by Suppliers. Users bidding for the provision of services must be wholly independent from the Buyer of those services.
  • Buyer should not induce a Supplier to breach any relevant law or regulation.
  • Neither Buyers nor Suppliers may interfere with a transaction or offer or engagement to buy or supply transport in response to a Buyer’s listing outside of the Site.
  • We strongly advise customers and transportation services providers to avoid sharing any sensitive information such as personal contact details, specific locations and bank details via our messaging service on CarryGo once job sheets have been exchanged between the two parties.

38. Booking the CarryGo App

  • CarryGo will only offer a refund of the deposit fee for a job posted and removed from our Platform within … of posting will not be subject to a full refund.

39. Cancellation

  • Transport engagement is entered into between Buyers and Suppliers, thus the negotiation and agreement of any cancellation and its consequences are considered matters for them.
  • However, if the Supplier cancels before any transport services has been provided the customer can then wish to recover their Deposit or Fee by making a request in writing to us for repayment. No request should be made within 7 (Seven) work days of the date of acceptance of the Bid or pending reasonable attempts have been made to accede to the terms of cancellation directly.
  • We will review all cancellations requests, if rightly; the cancelled delivery transport requirement will be relisted on the CarryGo or deleted from it. The Deposit or the Fee may be refunded at our sole and absolute discretion.
  • Any request for a refund of the deposit fee paid should be made within … () days of the acceptance of the bid. Be warned that CarryGo cannot be liable for requests outside this time frame.
  • No cash refund will be provided once the Buyer has received the contact details of the Supplier via CarryGo App. In the event that the Supplier is unable to fulfil its obligations as booked then the Buyer must contact CarryGo to find an alternative Supplier, only in the event that CarryGo is unable to find an alternative will credit be considered.
  • In the event a job is listed as flexible and the Buyers job is not completed within a maximum period of 5 (Five) work days subject on the selection, the listing will be removed and the prepaid deposit refunded as credit.
  • You are responsible for all Service Fees, including taxes, associated with your use of the Service. By using our Service, you agree to pay CarryGo any charge incurred in connection with your use of the Service. If you dispute the charge, contact us via at info@carrygo.co

40. Assignment

  • Each party is hereby prohibited under this Agreement from assigning, subcontracting, delegating or reassigning in whole or in part any transaction of business hereunder without the prior written consent of CarryGo or the prior written consent of the adverse party. Any purported violation of this provision by you shall be null and void. The adverse party’s consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  • Notwithstanding this provision hereof, CarryGo shall within its discretion assign or reassign the transaction of business to an alternate party without incurring any liability for such decision.

41. CarryGo & Relationship of the Parties

  • Nothing in this Agreement creates a partnership or legal representative or otherwise between CarryGo, and the Registered Users whatsoever. The Buyer and the Supplier shall not hold themselves out as expressing and or implying any such relationship with us.
  • Each of the Transport Services provided by a Buyer to a Supplier shall constitute a separate agreement between them and which is independent of us.
  • As indicated above we act in a limited booking and payment introductory capacity for the Users as described in this Agreement and only provide the CarryGo Platform and the booking and payment processing services to the Registered Users.

42. Helpful Hints

  • As a User of CarryGo, if you wish to submit any communications, comments, questions, suggestions and other feedback relating to your use of the CarryGo Platform whether by letter, email, telephone or otherwise proposing changes to any part of the platform, including, without limitation, new features or functionality relating thereto, all such helpful hints are, and will be regarded as, non-confidential and royalty-free.
  • You hereby consent that CarryGo will be at liberty to use any helpful hints you provide for any purpose and that CarryGo shall have all right, title and interest in without any attribution or compensation to you, irrevocable, perpetual license to use, and exploit without restriction, any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations or other helpful hints provided by you.

43. Force Majeure

  • Except with respect to payment obligations under this Agreement, no party shall be liable for, nor shall such party be considered in breach of this Agreement due to any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement owing to reason(s) beyond its control, including any act of God or a change in any regulation or outage of communications or labour unrest or act of terrorism or militancy attack or act of a foreign enemy or civil insurrection or sabotage or militarily usurped power or any other cause which could not have been prevented by such party with reasonable care.
  • Within an hour of the occurrence of a force majeure event, the affected party shall notify the other party of the occurrence by sending an email message, SMS or ring up the other party with Proof of Evidence.
  • The time for the performance of the affected party shall be extended by the period of such delay if the other party is amendable and agreeable to a reasonable deferral

44. Notices

  • Under this Agreement, all notices and communication provided by us to you shall be delivered to your registered email address (electronic notice) or mobile phone number(s) (voice notice) and will be considered duly given, correspondingly any notice to CarryGo should be sent via info@carrygo.co

45. Dispute Resolution

  • For any disputes you believe you have a cause to raise under this Agreement for any reason, you must first give CarryGo (hold harmless) an opportunity to settle the disagreement by first providing us at info@carrygo.co with a written notice of the dispute including particulars (your name, your address, alleged claim(s), relief sought) of the dispute. Our support team will, within 30 (Thirty) days of Receipt of Notice of Dispute, deliberate on the disagreement in good faith and attempt to calm the situation.
  • You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that you will not commence Court proceedings without first complying with this Clause 42

46. Arbitration

  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement or the performance of same, shall be submitted to the Lagos Court of Arbitration and shall be resolved under the Rules of the Lagos Court of Arbitration and accordingly submits to the jurisdiction of the Nigerian court.

47. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  • This Agreement is be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • The parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Lagos State.

48. Acknowledgement of Agreement

  • I hereby acknowledge that I have read and comprehend the Terms of use, Conditions and service of this agreement and I voluntarily accept the terms of use, conditions and service and hereby agree to abide by them forthwith.

Appendix 1: CarryGo Pricing Payment Rates

S/N Price Range Percentage (%)
1 N1,000 – N20,000 15%
2 N20,000 – N100,000 14%
3 N100,001 – N200,000 12%
4 N200,001 – N400,000 8%
5 N400,001 – N1,000,000 6%
6 N1,000,000+ 4%